• Open or confirm escrow is open

  • Process file using your personalized transaction checklist

  • Well-timed communications— keeping all parties informed and “in
    the loop”

  • Order and distribute Zone/NHD Report, Home Warranty, CLUE
    Report, etc.

  • Secure document handling (distribution, quality control, complete
    signatures—uploaded online for 24/7 access and review)

  • Track and report status of contractual requirements with all parties
    (including ongoing and up-to-date communications with lender
    and escrow)

  • Track and report status of inspections and obtain and distribute
    copies of reports

  • Customized closing package—complete and organized Department
    of Real Estate and Broker compliant file delivered to your broker

  • CD Archive for you and your client
We handle the details, and so much more, to
help ensure a successful closing:
RETC - Real Estate Transaction Coordination - Fairoaks, California 95628
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Why going paperless may be
just what your business needs
~ It's Fast ~ Less Mess and
Space ~ Save Money.

While you're unlikely to have
a completely paper-free office,
electronic communication and
other systems can eliminate
much of it.

Check out How Paperless
Office Work - click on the
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